5 Foods That Are Easy To Digest

If you suffer from GERD, Gastritis or other gut health related issues, it is super important to eat foods that are easy to digest. We put together a list with the best easy-to-digest foods.

#1 Toast

 For all bread lovers out there-this one is for you. White toast is commonly recommended for people who are dealing with digestive issues, including nausea and heartburn. Although whole wheat toast has more nutrition and contains more fiber than white toast, it can be difficult for some people to digest. 


#2 White Rice

Although white rice isn't necessarily a powerhouse compared to actual whole grains like brown rice or farro, it's a good option when you need something easy on the stomach. 

There is only 0.5 grams of fiber in one cup of cooked rice, which makes it easier to digest. 


#3 Ripe Banana

 Bananas are full of nutrients no matter what stage you eat them.They're a good source of potassium, which is a nutrient that people with IBD may be lacking. Other vitamins and minerals contained in bananas include:

Bananas are easy to digest and are often recommended for people with vomiting and diarrhea. 

However, if you are having stomach issues and need something that your gut can effortlessly digest, stick to super ripe bananas. 

The riper the banana, the easier to digest. 


#4 Papaya

Papaya is one example of a fruit that is often easier to digest. In fact, it can actually aid your digestion of protein.1

Papayas contain an enzyme called papain that breaks down proteins and makes them more available for use by the body. In fact, it's so effective that this enzyme is used as a meat tenderizer.

Like most fruits, papayas are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Some of the vitamins and minerals that can be found in papayas include those that may be deficient in people with IBD:


#5 Salmon

Fish such as salmon has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids as well as B-class vitamins in it. Salmon is also a rich source of proteins and other essential minerals. This fish is one of the easiest to digest. The caveat though is: cook it without oil or fats to retain its easy to digest property. 


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