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Crunchy High-Fiber Granola

11th Jan 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Everyone loves Granola, yet most brands you see on your grocery store shelf are loaded with refined sugar, canola oils, and hidden calories that you don’t need. This homemade granola is made with gluten-free carbohydrate sources that are high in fiber, easy to digest and will fuel your body anytime of the day. On top of that, we added some healthy fats from nuts and seeds, some collagen for additional benefits, as well as, natural sugars from honey and maple syrup. In other terms, you can enjoy eating this granola guilt-free and even customize it to your own taste buds. All ingredients can be replaced and the options/varieties are endless. With that being said, let’s get to it.


14 Day Gut Health Challenge With Fiber G

5th Jan 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Got that gut feeling? Start the New Year with a 14-day gut health challenge to set yourself up for new, healthy & long-lasting habits that will improve your overall health and well-being.


Sweet Potato Miso Soup

5th Jan 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy this delicious sweet potato miso soup any time of the day. Delicious, satisfying and nutritious. The soup is super easy to make and taste amazing. On top of that it is gut friendly. 


Constipation In Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

28th Dec 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

If you are experiencing constipation in pregnancy, then don't worry. As your body undergoes hormonal and physical changes so does your digestive system. Continue reading to find out why these changes in digestion are occurring and what you can do to avoid or alleviate any discomfort.


High Fiber Pancakes

22nd Dec 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy these delicious high fiber pancakes any time of the day. Delicious, satisfying and nutritious. The pancakes are super easy to make and taste amazing. On top of that they are high in fiber and have a positive effect on your digestion.


4 Things That Can Harm Your Gut Bacteria

21st Dec 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

Having gut issues is one of the most frustrating experiences. Whether you feel bloated, gassy, or just downright uncomfortable, your gut can really affect your mood and overall well-being. We have pu together 4 things that can harm your gut bacteria.

Fiber G

4 Benefits Of Fiber G For Your Gut Health And Overall Wellbeing

14th Dec 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

Fiber G is not your typical store shelf supplement. This product is formulated with a soluble and insoluble fiber blend, a pre and probiotic matrix, as well as, L-Glutamine, the single most important amino acid for a healthy digestive system. Below you will find four major benefits of Fiber G and how incorporating this product daily will positively impact your day to day life.


Mango Lemon Bar Recipe

7th Dec 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy these delicious mango lemon bars any time of the day. Delicious, satisfying and nutritious. This recipe is ideal for everyone, that want to give the traditional lemon bar an extra tropical flair. The bars are super easy to make and taste amazing. Our daily fiber supplement Fiber G gives them that extra note, while providing you with your daily fiber need.


The Importance Of Fiber On The Keto Diet

30th Nov 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

One of the main reasons why people suffer from keto diet constipation is the lack of fiber consumed. Get a closer look at how to get enough fiber while being on a keto, a list of high fiber keto foods and keto friendly fiber supplements. Because one thing is for sure: There is more than one way to increase your daily fiber intake.


Tropical Gut Health Smoothie Recipe

24th Nov 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy this delicious tropical gut health smoothie recipe any time of the day. Smoothies are a great way to increase your consumption of fruits and vedgetables, increase your fiber intake and manage food cravings. So what are you waiting for.


Prebiotics vs. Probiotics

16th Nov 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

​​When your gut bacteria become imbalanced, often due to lack of good bacteria or an overgrowth of bad bacteria, you can see side effects like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas and more. Balancing out your gut bacteria starts with prebiotics and probiotics. In this article we take a closer look at both of them, highlighting the key differences but also show how prebiotics and probiotics interact with each other.


7 Habits For A Healthy Morning Routine

9th Nov 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

Creating a healthy morning routine is crucial for your overall wellbeing. Our morning activities and rituals shape the rest of our day. We have put together a list with 7 habits for a healthy morning routine.


Top 26 High-Fiber Foods You Should Eat Everyday

11th Oct 2021 • Chiara Ghanem

Eating high fiber foods has plenty of health benefits. We have put together a list with 26 high fiber vegetables, high fiber fruits and other high fiber foods that can help you lose weight and relieve constipation.