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Top Brands Offering The Best Fiber Supplements In The Market

17th Nov 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Utilizing The Full Potential Of Pre-Meal Fiber Supplement-Fiber G

6th Nov 2023 • Chiara Ghanem


Pumpkin Spice Cake Pops

26th Sep 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Learn how to make these festive pumpkin spice cake pops for this years Halloween. Everyone will love this easy, bite size cake dessert.

benefits of fiber powder

Boosting Digestive Health: How to Choose the Best Daily Fiber Supplement

7th Sep 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Gut Health Frozen Yogurt Bark

6th Sep 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Cool down this summer with this healthy and gut-friendly frozen yogurt bark. Topped with apples, mango, raisons, pistachios and granola, it’s perfect for snacks, dessert or even breakfast.

Fiber G

Transform Your Wellness: The Benefits Of Fiber Supplements

29th Aug 2023 • Chiara Ghanem


3 Ingredient Nice Cream: Guilt-Free & Gut-Friendly

25th Jul 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy this 3 ingredient self-made nice cream any time of the day. It is super easy to make, guilt-free and gut-friendly. All you need are strawberries, bananas and coconut cream. You could also make it higher in protein or add extra toppings.


Why Fiber G is a must have item in your supplement regimen!

17th Jul 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Fiber G is not your typical store shelf supplement. This product is formulated with a soluble and insoluble fiber blend, a pre and probiotic matrix, as well as, L-Glutamine, the single most important amino acid for a healthy digestive system. Below you will find four major benefits of Fiber G and how incorporating this product daily will positively impact your day to day life.


Ultimate Gut Repair Tea

14th Jun 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

It has been known for generations that drinking mint tea benefits your digestion and one of the most popular remedies for an upset stomach is to sip on a freshly brewed cup of peppermint tea.  If you are struggling with indigestion, nausea or IBS and are looking for a natural alternative to sooth your symptoms, give this easy to make tea recipe a try. 


Gut-Friendly Banana Bread

24th May 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy this gut-friendly banana bread recipe any time of the day. It is the ideal snack and super easy to make. On top of that the recipe is gut-friendly and helps with maintaining a balanced diet.

The Benefits of Manuka Honey for Gut Health

15th May 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Today's read is all about the many benefits of the Holy Grail of Honey's - Manuka Honey. As the title indicates, Manuka Honey has incredible gut health benefits and we are excited to share them with you. 


Guilt-Free Brownie Recipe

19th Apr 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Guilt-Free Brownies? Yes Please. Today we are sharing our favorite Brownie Recipe that is Gluten-Free, Sugar Free and Super Gooey and Delicious with you all. These brownies are simple to make, nutritious and can be customized based on your preferences and likings. Alright! Let's get into it.


Low-Carb Shrimp Ceviche

27th Mar 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy this low-carb shrimp ceviche recipe. Not only is it super easy to make but also super healthy and delicious. You can serve the ceviche as main or side dish.


Healthy Waffle Recipe

17th Mar 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

As of lately, waffles have been an everyday staple for breakfast. I have played around a lot with different ingredients and toppings to make my waffles not only healthy and nutritious but also taste good. It's taken me some trial and error but I think I really nailed these and I wanted to share this recipe with you today. If you are a waffle lover you will absolutely love these. This healthy waffle recipe is high in protein, moderate in carbs and fat and low in sugar.


Gut Health Myths Debunked

3rd Mar 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Gut health has become very popular over the last years. As there are a lot of information on the internet and other channels, this trending topic can get confusing. In this weeks article we take a closer look at four gut health myths and related misconceptions.  


5 Healthy Sugar Alternatives

14th Feb 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Quitting sugar isn't as simple as it sounds. Today, sugar is in nearly everything we consume, although we all know about the negative effects when over consuming. That's why we decided to provide you with 5 healthy sugar alternatives, that are easy to incorporate in you daily lifestyle while still providing you with that sweet taste.


Gut Health Superfood - 4 Benefits of Celery

21st Jan 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Celery is a member of the parsley family alongside carrots and fennel. Celery is especially popular among the juicing community and known for its hydration, digestion and skin-health benefits.    Celery is low in calories and can be prepared in many different ways. Enjoy this crunchy veggie as a snack, with some peanut butter spread or use it to make your favorite juicing recipes.   Let's further dive into the health benefits of adding celery to your daily regimen. 


Boost Your Stamina Beetroot Juice

12th Jan 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

Do you ever feel like you are dragging ass? Tired, sluggish, lacking motivation and stamina? Trust me, you are not the only one. However, todays recipe might just be the fix your body needs to come back to life and give you the energy you so desperately need.    This recipe is perfect for those who are short on time. It only requires two ingredients and a juicer. That’s it.    Furthermore, this superfood beetroot juice is high in vitamins and nutrients, low in sugar and calories. Each serving contains a total of only 210 calories. So, if you are on a diet or trying to reach your physique goals this year, don’t worry! You can reach your goals and still start your day with a delicious juice.  Alright then, let’s get started. 


Guilt-Free Carrot Cake Cookies

3rd Jan 2023 • Chiara Ghanem

First off, Happy New Year!!! This will be the first Recipe posted in 2023 and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for MySource Nutrition. Stay tuned for new recipes, products, content and more. We have a lot of plans for this company moving forward and we are excited to have you on board of our journey.   Today's Recipe is the best one yet! These Guilt-Free Carrot Cake Cookies are to die for and don't contain any crappy ingredients. Let's indulge in more healthier dessert versions in 2023 that won't make you feel awful and even contain good ingredients for your gut and overall health. 


Homemade Winter Berry Juice

14th Dec 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

The Holiday Season is here and today I'm sharing one of my favorite Homemade Berry Juice Recipe with you.


Guilt-Free Mango Coconut Energy Balls

2nd Dec 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

These Mango Balls shine with their sunny color and exotic taste. Combined with the coconut coating, you get the summer vibes....even though it's December :) I used dates as a natural sugar alternative and some fresh orange juice to make these energy balls even more aromatic!


Gut Health Superfood - 4 Benefits of Cacao

29th Nov 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Today's Article is for all Cacao lovers out there. In case you missed it, Cacao is one heck of a superfood. Not only is it used to make delicious chocolate, but it is also loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and even a good amount of fiber for digestive health. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of Cacao and what to look out for when purchasing this superfood. 


Guilt-Free Mango-Banana Nice Cream

9th Nov 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Guilt-Free Ice Cream recipes are always more enjoyable to eat than your highly processed and calorie-rich Ice cream from the frozen section in the grocery store. Not only are you using whole, nutrient dense fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you also saving on hundreds of calories and still continue staying on track towards your goals.  


High Protein & Fiber Smoothies 2 Different Ways

7th Nov 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Today we decided to provide you with two Smoothie Recipes. Yes! You heard that right-Not only one, but two different smoothies. The best part, both are high in protein and fiber and taste absolutely refreshing.  Whether you prefer to get your protein from whole food sources or from protein powder, we made sure to give you two different options to choose from. Let's see what your personal preference is - Mango Chia Smoothie or Berry Blast? Keep on scrolling to see what each Recipe is about.


6 Tips for Better Immunity

3rd Nov 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

It is that time of the month again! You may hear people around you coughing, sneezing and blowing their stuffy nose, hoping that you won't wake up with a cold.   However, while you notice everyone around you getting sick, there are in fact ways to protect and boost your immune system. Keep on reading if you want to learn how you can protect yourself and your immune system today and in the future!


Gut-Loving Pineapple Smoothie Recipe

25th Oct 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Since everyone seems to be obsessed with our pineapple recipes, we decided to share another smoothie recipe for you. This smoothie recipe is easy to follow, only contains natural and few ingredients and can be improvised based on your liking.    Furthermore, we made sure to add gut-loving ingredients to the mix, including Pineapple, Fiber G powder and Chia Seeds.    If you want to read the benefits of each gut-focused ingredient, make sure to check out our other blog posts. Alright, let's get started. 


Gut Health Superfood - 4 Benefits of Chia Seeds

24th Oct 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

If you are a fan of seeds, we are sure that you stumbled across the benefits of chia seeds. These tiny black seeds are not only considered a superfood but also versatile and fun to cook with. We took a closer look on the main 4 health benefits when consuming chia seeds on a daily basis.


Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Recipe

13th Oct 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

This weeks smoothie definitely has that extra spice. With Halloween being right around the corner, we decided to share our pumpkin spice smoothie recipe with you. It’s super delicious, relatively easy to prepare and full of powerful ingredients. So let’s jump right into it.


Debloat with this Papaya Smoothie

13th Sep 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Last weeks blog post was all about Papaya! We outlined some of the major benefits of this tropical superfood and how you can start incorporating it into your diet. Today, we wanted to share a Papaya Smoothie Recipe to hopefully inspire you to go out of your way and give this super fruit a try. This Recipe is not only delicious but also helps to ease bloating and promotes digestion.   


Gut Health Superfood- 4 Benefits of Papaya

6th Sep 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Sure, papaya is juicy and delicious. But did you know that the health benefits of papaya fruit can transform your health?¬†Read on to learn¬†4¬†major papaya benefits‚ÄĒfrom aiding digestion¬†to brightening skin.¬†


Mango-Pineapple Popsicles

30th Aug 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy these delicious mango pineapple popsicles any time of the day. Delicious, satisfying and nutritious. This recipe is ideal for everyone, that want to give the traditional popsicle a tropical flair. These popsicles are super easy to make and taste amazing. Our daily fiber supplement Fiber G gives them that extra note, while providing you with your daily fiber need.


Simple Food Swaps: Grocery Store Edition

25th Aug 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

It’s time for another food swap. Todays picks: Sugary cereals, diary products and energy drinks. As you can see, most of your favorite products in the grocery aisles are loaded with sugar, artificial flavoring and ingredients you can’t even pronounce. In most cases a swap towards healthier alternatives is easier than you think. The best thing about it: Not only are our swap ins all natural, low in calories and contain less sugar but also taste way better. So what are you waiting for? Rewrite your grocery list today.


Summer Smoothie - 3 Different Ways

15th Aug 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Why choose one when you can have them all? This week we decided to bring some vibrant colors back, reminding everyone that summer is not over just yet. Thank god it isn't! The cold and gloomy winter months will begin sooner than you think. This 3 summer smoothies are super refreshing, lower in calories and contain tons of nutrients, fiber and gut loving ingredients to kick start your day. 


Gut Health Superfood - 4 Benefits of Asparagus

12th Aug 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Asparagus is a popular vegetable in many parts of the world. Depending on the type of asparagus, people eat it raw or cooked, and in dishes such as soups, stews, salads, or on its own. The nutrients in asparagus can support heart and bone health, while the folate and iron that it contains may be especially beneficial during pregnancy. Here, learn more about the vegetable’s nutritional contents, possible health benefits, and how to incorporate it into the diet. Also make sure to check out article "Top 26 High Fiber Foods You Should Eat Everyday" which you can find here.


Gut-Friendly Mango Frappuccino Recipe

2nd Aug 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Do you remember when Starbucks came out with their first Mango Frappuccino? Although customers seemed to loved it, this combo was only a limited edition summer special and hasn't made a comeback since.  However, since we create a bunch of Mango flavored recipe on this blog, we thought to bring this recipe back! This time around we added some gut-loving ingredients that will keep your digestion in tact and provide many short-term and long-term benefits.  If you are a coffee lover and are looking for a fruity and delicious morning or afternoon pick me up, check out this recipe. 


5 Tips For A Flat Stomach

28th Jul 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

If you consider your belly a problem zone and are looking to get a flat stomach, your are definately not alone. Most of us know the issue and even if we have already lost a decent amout of weight, we still might feel bloated and uncomfortable. Thats why we had a closer look at this challenge and summarized our findings in 5 tips for a flat stomach.


5 Foods That Are Easy To Digest

18th Jul 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

If you suffer from GERD, Gastritis or other gut health related issues, it is super important to eat foods that are easy to digest. We put together a list with the best easy-to-digest foods.


Mango-Matcha Latte Recipe

11th Jul 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

The famous Matcha Latte. Everyone is talking about it, posting recipes, shedding light on the numerous benefits Matcha Tea offers.  And I'm here to tell you-it's not all hype! Matcha does in fact has lots of benefits and can be consumed as a coffee alternative in the morning or as an afternoon pick me up.  Because most of our recipes focus on gut health as well, we thought of spicing up the current Matcha Latte trend and adding some tropical summer vibes and some gut loving ingredients into the mix.


Fluffy High-Fiber Pancakes

28th Jun 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Do you love pancakes for breakfast as much as we do? If the answer is yes we got something for you.We created a high fiber pancake recipe without reducing the deliciousness nor fluffiness. They are easily made, taste great and by eating them you ensure your fiber intake is on point!


What is Candida? Part 1: Causes & Symptoms

23rd Jun 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Intense sugar cravings, brain fog, headaches, bloating and chronic digestive issues, anxiety, chronic yeast infections and low energy levels-these are just a few of the health symptoms many of us are living with and have accepted as normal. The truth is, you’re not meant to feel this way.   About 1 in 3 people suffer from yeast-related symptoms or conditions which means yeast overgrowth, candida, affects millions of people and it is a very real condition. Most people only associate candida with vaginal yeast infections but it’s much more. Considering that mainstream Western medicine protocols, poor diets, and stress overload, all major contributing factors to yeast overgrowth, it is no wonder that yeast overgrowth affects millions of Americans.


Hormone Balancing Smoothie Recipe

17th Jun 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Hormones play an integral role in your overall health. Suffering of hormone imbalance? Then this smoothie is an absolute must try. It's full of nutrients, flavor and filling and you will love incorporating into your daily routine.  


Gut-Health Protein Smoothie Recipe

6th Jun 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Enjoy this delicious gut health protein smoothie any time of the day. Delicious, satisfying and nutritious. Our daily fiber supplement Fiber G gives them that extra note, while providing you with your daily fiber need.


Gut Health Lemonade Recipe

23rd May 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Summer is approaching faster than ever and temperatures are rising weekly. What better way to prepare for the heat than by experimenting with different recipes and refreshing drinks.    This weeks recipe is gut-friendly, gut healing, it's refreshing, it's minty, a bit zesty and the perfect way to stay cool during summer.    Are you ready to prepare this super easy recipe? Let's get started. 


Easy To Digest Foods Before A Workout: Eat This Not That

19th May 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Let's talk Pre-Workout Nutrition. You need to eat food to fuel a workout. Ideally the food you consume is easy to digest. Today we will be sharing these foods, as well as, foods that should be avoided before hitting the gym.


Glow Up Beetroot Smoothie - Antioxidants, Fiber & More

12th May 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

If you never tried a Beet smoothie you are missing out! Beets are low in calories and a great source of nutrients, including folate, potassium, vitamin C, and more. Beets are also high in fiber, so this smoothie will keep you satisfied. If you are considering a Beet Smoothie for weight loss, this recipe could be a good option for you. Antioxidant party! Beets and blueberries are both high in antioxidants, so you are getting a double dose of these super stars. Beet Smoothie detox time.


Top 50 Foods You Can Eat On A Gluten-Free Diet

6th May 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Gluten is a group of proteins found in certain grains, such as wheat, rye, and barley.It helps food maintain its shape by providing elasticity and moisture. It also allows bread to rise and provides a chewy texture.   Although gluten is safe for most people, those with conditions like celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should avoid it to prevent adverse health effects.    Many foods are made with gluten-containing ingredients, so it’s important that those who are unable to consume it check ingredient labels closely.   Here is a list of 50 gluten-free foods.


Healthy Pi√Īa Colada Smoothie Recipe

29th Apr 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Craving Something Refreshing. If so, this recipe is for you. A Healthy Pi√Īa Colada Smoothie Recipe that is high in nutrients, fiber and extremely hydrating.¬†


Best Foods & Beverages To Relieve Bloating

22nd Apr 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

You’ve almost certainly experienced it: The tight, uncomfortable feeling of your stomach straining against your pants with a case of bloating that came seemingly out of nowhere. Inflammation is an unfortunately common digestive problem, and what makes it particularly difficult to pin down is the variety of causes it can have, from food intolerance to something as simple as that time of the month.  Thankfully there are certain ingredients you can include in your diet which may help to alleviate the worst of the bloating, and cooking with certain spices is one of the best ways to soothe your gut and treat inflammation from the source. 


Vitamin C - Boosting Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

13th Apr 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Today‚Äės Smoothie Recipe is not only delicious but also packed with tons of Vitamin C, Potassium and of course you guessed it - Fiber. If you are looking to boost your immune system, kick start your digestion and learn more about Vitamin C and it‚Äôs benefits, keep on reading.


Fiber & Weight Loss: Myth or Fact?

6th Apr 2022 • Chiara Ghanem

Fiber may not be as trendy a term as keto, paleo, or flexitarian - hey, it makes us think of bran muffins and carpet fibers, too - but let's give that five-letter word a little love. After all, adding more fiber to your diet is one of the healthiest and easiest ways to manage and loose weight.